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On 2nd October 2020 was the day when people in the city of Patna were surprised to see Mahatma Gandhi himself cleaning their neighborhood and collecting their household waste. Not on this the beloved Bapu visited them with swachhagrah (an appeal to maintain cleanliness).


Patna Municipal Corporation’s Swachhagrahi campaign was launched to commemorate 151st birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi with the objective of making Swachh Patna and fulfil Bapu’s dream of Clean India.

Under the campaign all the sanitation workers were dressed like Mahatma Gandhi. They performed all their routine work dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi. While collecting waste of sweeping neighborhood they also asked households to segregate waste in their home and reduce-reuse-recycle their waste as much as possible.

City residents were moved by this initiative and many of them pledged to compost their wet waste and generate less waste as much as possible.