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Rang de Basti

Home to millions but eyesore to many, slums are always considered substandard, encroached, unhygienic and overcrowded part of the city. While the dwellers are struggling to make the both ends meets, the common people seldom pay a visit to such places. Hence, not only the basic amenities but the concept of hygiene and cleaner neighborhood is alien concept.

With the objective of slum beautification and involve citizen in keeping the city clean and beautiful, Patna Municipal Corporation has launched the Rang De Basti Campaign. Daubing the dwellings with explosions of bright colours, lovely pictures and strong messages, the Rang De Basti is not just any other slum beautification drive but a platform for citizen engagement in city sanitation and promoting the spirit of “Humara Shahar Maange Humara Sath”

The USP of the campaign is that this is being done not by professional firm but by student artists and children of those slums. While students are chalking the sketches on the wall, the coloring part is taken care of by the kids residing in that slum only. Children not only painted the walls but also distributed the responsibility among themselves to maintain their beauty as well.