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One Dream Patna Clean

To remove all the garbage vulnerable points and actively engage citizen in promoting the spirit of sanitation ‘One Dream Patna Clean’ campaign has been initiated. In a run up to Clean India Campaign launched by the Government of India, Patna Municipal Corporation’s One Dream Patna Clean campaign aims to make citizens aware and motivate them for neighborhood cleanliness.

At regular intervals volunteers join corporation officials and offer Shramdaan to clean the public areas, garbage points, parks, public toilets, slums, etc.

The campaign was launched in September 2020 from Maurya Lok. Honbl’e Mayor Smt Sita Sahu, hon’ble Deputy Mayor Smt Meera Devi along with Municipal Commissioner Himanshu Sharma and other senior officers of Patna Municipal Corporation formed their tea and turned the Maurya Lok Complex, one of the famous hangout places in the city of Patna, spick and span. They also whitewashed the public walls faded due to regular spitting of passersby.

The Next Month Patna Municipal Corporation’s Goodwill Ambassador and famous Bollywood artist Sri Sanjay Mishra joined the community cleaning program and broomed the myth and misconception “safayi kewal chote logon ka kaam hai”. From buzzing Railway Station area to marginalized corner of the city-Cheena Kothi slum, the actor happily participated in the community cleaning drive.

During the community cleaning drives, all COVID-19 related guidelines are strictly followed.